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DECLÉOR Slimming range

Why not reduce those unwanted curves a little more every day with our expert care products? DECLÉOR has created an expert slimming range to target cellulite, water retention and unwanted curves.

The cellulite affects 90% of women and is formed by a natural biological process. Woman body is particularly prone to store fat, mainly on the hips, stomach, buttocks and thighs. DECLÉOR has drawn on its expertise in Aromatherapy and plants and has created the expert Slim Effect range with two key elements: the Exclusive Lipo-Cellulor Complex, a powerful fat-cell burning complex, and a range of ultra effective draining and boosting Essential Oils of Sweet Majoram, Elemi and Grapefruit.

The AROMESSENCE SLIM EFFECT DRAINING CONTOURING SERUM is a 100% natural serum of Essential Oils that acts on the affected areas to refine the figure, visibly reduce the appearance of uneven, orange peel-skin, and eliminate water and toxins. Delicate and silky, it has a natural affinity with the skin, instantly absorbing after application without leaving an oily film on the skin.

With its fresh and non-sticky texture the SLIM EFFECT LOCALISED CONTOURING GEL-CREAM helps promote the reduction of existing fat cells and prevents the formation and storage of new ones (thanks to the Lipo-Cellulor Complex and Caffeine). This powerful localised treatment on cellulite additionally stimulates the microcirculation and decongests saturated tissues, restoring the skin’s elasticity and firmness.

A 100% natural SLIM EFFECT BALM is specifically formulated to combat the appearance of uneven, orange-peel skin and cellulite. Rapidly absorbed, it stimulates the microcirculation and decongests saturated tissues. The trio of toning oils of Lemongrass, Geranium and Rosemary act to firm the body and reduce the appearance of uneven, orange-peel skin. Perfect for massage, the Balm is best to use at night and allow to work while you sleep.

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