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Skincare Ingredients

DECLÉOR is renowned for using natural ingredients. We believe that ingredients are far more potent in their natural state and have spent decades studying their components, how they work and their amazing results.

Essential Oils are one of the most commonly used DECLÉOR INGREDIENTS because they have the power to create a healthy environment for new skin cells to flourish. Our best-loved is Neroli, an oil legendary for its calming and anti-inflammatory benefits and the outstanding results it gives on every type of skin. Iris is also important. With the ability to drain and stimulate it’s superb used on maturing skin which is why we include it in our best-selling anti-ageing Prolagene Lift.

Another precious DECLÉOR INGREDIENT is Argan Oil. With three times more antioxidant Vitamin E than Olive Oil, it’s known as the ‘gold of Morocco’ and helps protect skin from free radicals. This versatile oil also demonstrates how DECLÉOR INGREDIENTS support traditional production channels, as collecting the argan kernels helps keep millions of people employed.

Essential Oils are natural preservatives too so all Aromessence blends are preservative-free; the high content of Essential Oils in our phytotherapy products means we only have to use exceptionally low levels of preservatives to keep these products safe too.

DECLÉOR INGREDIENTS are all of the finest quality; we only accept premium, specially selected ingredients of the highest grade. A team of chemists is dedicated to this process and only suppliers who guarantee they work with the best local artisans are chosen.

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