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Back Diagnostic Massage

Our aim at DECLÉOR is simple – to help you achieve a naturally healthy and radiant complexion. An essential element of this is to ensure your wellbeing is the best it can be. How? Through a range of blissful and benefit-laden Facial and Body Treatments, all of which begin with our famous back diagnostic massage. This delectable massage is intensely relaxing for you and reveals a host of essential information to your therapist. Simply by exerting gentle pressure on specific ‘reflex’ areas of the back she can gain a meaningful understanding of the areas of your body that may need a little extra TLC during your treatment. The use of the appropriate heavenly Aromessence Body Oil (each one is blended from potent Essential Oils and natural ingredients) helps the therapist’s fingers slip seamlessly over your spine and surrounding muscles for a truly divine experience.

We believe the direct link between inner wellbeing and naturally radiant skin is clear. When you’ve been under the weather – with a cold for example – your skin can become more sensitive with increased redness, particularly across the cheek area. This is associated with the lungs which will have been put under extra stress from a recent virus. Another example is the eye zone. Eyes are prone to suffering from puffiness and dark shadows, which is very often blamed on a lack of sleep. However, as this area reflects the kidneys it is much more likely to be remedied by a reduction in toxins and increased intake of water. It’s in this way that our highly trained therapists use the back diagnostic massage determine the perfect choice of treatment to achieve the very best results, not only for your skin, but for your overall wellbeing as well. 

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