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Skincare 101

How do I know what my skin type is?

Getting to understand your skin and its behaviours is an important first step in your skincare journey. I would firstly recommend looking and taking note of your skin throughout the day to notice any changes that may occur. What can you see/ feel?

    • Look – Fine lines, pore size, dullness, horizontal lines, redness, blemishes, shine visible dryness i.e. flakiness
      Touch – Roughness, oil, heat, bumps under the skin
      Hydration test – Lift your cheek up, can you see lots of horizontal lines
      Elasticity test – Pinch along the jaw and press fingers in to cheek, how quickly does the skin ping back
      Dry Skin = Visible flakiness, feels rough
      Dehydrated = Dullness, horizontal lines, premature ageing
      Oily = Shine along the T Zone, open pores, blemishes
      Ageing = Dullness, visible fine lines and wrinkles, loss of elasticity
  • Your packaging has changed, how can I find my favourites?

    We have recently repackaged our products for more sustainable packaging and to highlight the hero ingredient that powers the targeted range. For a complete guide on what’s changed click here.

    What would an essential skincare routine look like?

    Everyone’s routine is individual to them, depending on how much time and how many steps you would like in your routine. A basic routine would contain the following steps:


    Cleanse, Tone, Aromessence Oil Serum (3 drops), Eye Cream, Moisturiser


    Removal of makeup, Cleanse, Tone, Eye Cream, Night Balm

    Why Essential Oils Skincare?

    Can anyone use your Essential Oils products?

    Why is Natural Skincare better?

    Do you use Active Ingredients?

    Looking for your favourite products but can't find them? Here's Why...

    We are in the process of updating our packaging and product names to make it easier for you to find the products that are right for you. We have done this by putting the ingredient name as the range name so it is easy to know which range corresponds to which skin type and the benefit for your skin. If you don't know which ingredient corresponds to which skin benefit, here they are: