Maria Tzavellas

Executive Director of Sales, IT Cosmetics

Why did you join IT Cosmetics?

I joined IT Cosmetics in June 2013 because I believe strongly in Jamie’s message that all women are beautiful, and saw the power of how she resonated with women watching her
on QVC. A few months after I started, I helped launch the brand at ULTA and it was a
priceless experience. Because at the end of the day, it’s not about sales—it’s about helping more women look and feel their most beautiful!

What’s the one IT Cosmetics product
you never leave home without wearing?

This is a very hard question because I love everything, and wear IT daily! But my ultimate favorite is CC+ Cream with SPF 50+ because it gives me flawless coverage
and is good for my skin, too!

What’s your biggest beauty concern,
and which IT product do you
use to solve it?

I’m Greek and, in addition to the culture and delicious food, I also inherited under-eye circles! Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer works like a dream. It stays on without creasing or cracking, and gives me the confidence I need to go about my day!

What’s your favorite facial feature?

I would say my brows, primarily because people have complimented me on them! The interesting thing is that I don’t have perfect brows, I just play them up to look perfect using Brow Power Universal Brow Pencil. The product looks so natural and actually helps to cover the few white brow hairs I now have in my 40s!

What’s your quick-fix secret for bringing out your most beautiful you?

Superhero Mascara is key—it instantly makes you look more awake, and is clinically
tested to give you the look of stronger, longer, thicker, more defined lashes!
If I have an extra minute, I’ll top my lips off with Vitality Lip Flush Butter Gloss
in Naturally Pretty for a beautiful, soft pop of pink.

What’s the best beauty trick you’ve learned from being on camera?

I love that I can wear IT on camera every time! Some people on TV wear stage makeup, but IT Cosmetics gives you superior coverage that looks natural and lasts. I get compliments on my skin, not my makeup—and that’s the IT difference! You still look like you, but better!

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