Jamie Kern Lima

Co-Founder and CEO, IT Cosmetics

Why did you start IT Cosmetics?

When I set out to create IT Cosmetics, my entire mission was to create game-changing products that give you life-changing results—whether it’s for skin, brows, lashes or lips! Because nothing I had ever tried, even at the highest price points, ever worked for me. Nothing would cover my rosacea and if it did, it took layers of makeup and would crease, crack, and make me look 10 years older. This is why, at IT Cosmetics, we do things completely differently. We work with plastic surgeons and won’t launch a product unless we know it will be truly life-changing for you! We believe that great makeup can give you great skin, and the one thing I hear most from IT Girls is, “I get compliments on my skin, not my makeup.”
To me, that is everything!

What’s the one IT Cosmetics product you never leave home without wearing?

I always do my brows! Brow Power Universal Brow Pencil gives me the look of real brows every day, which is great, because I have none!

What’s your biggest beauty concern, and which IT product do you use to solve it?

Rosacea! It’s a condition that causes redness all across my face. There is no cure for rosacea, and I feel like I’ve spent most of my life trying every foundation and concealer out there and they almost all crease and crack and make you look older, especially if you need more coverage. Our CC+ Cream with SPF 50+ is my daily go-to because it gives you full coverage, complete anti-aging skincare and SPF 50+ physical-only sunscreen, but is developed to make your skin look younger instead of older!

What’s your favorite facial feature?

My eyes! I love defining them with Tightline. It’s your eyeliner, mascara primer and mascara all in one step! The unique skinny brush gives you an eyeliner effect, because it lays down pigment between each and every lash. It also coats your lashes from root to tip, so they stay up all day—no more lashes that droop and make you look tired by lunch! For younger-looking, more awake eyes, I’m also obsessed with our best-selling Superhero Mascara—apply just one coat, and it literally looks like you’re wearing false lashes.

What’s your quick-fix secret for bringing out your most beautiful you?

Don’t underestimate the power of your eyebrows! Your eyebrows are the only feature on your face that give you your frame of symmetry and symmetry is what equates to beauty in the human eye. Just doing your brows, even if it is the only thing you do each day, instantly makes you your most beautiful you!

What’s the best beauty trick you’ve learned from being on camera?

The power of contouring! I spent my career before IT as a news anchor on television. I learned how to use bronzer to make my face look slimmer, and highlighter to create the look of lift where I needed it. I would even contour my legs to make them look more sculpted as I sat at the news desk! Seven years ago, we created the original My Sculpted Face, and I’m so excited about our latest breakthrough in the world of contouring: You Sculpted! It’s a universal contouring palette for face and body infused with Perfect Lighting Technology pigments that actually mimic the look of real filler and facial contour. And because it looks so real, it’s also impossible to mess up—this palette literally does the work for you!

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