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Essential Oils are natural, volatile and scented substances produced by aromatic plants to help them grow, reproduce, and fight against insects, bacteria and viruses. They are the plants’ natural remedy that ensures they have protective, reproductive and regenerative properties.

Since our creation in 1974, Decléor have harnessed the power of Essential Oils knowing that they are more than just an ingredient, they are an incredible gift from nature. Essential Oils have benefits for both the skin and the mind, including anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antioxidant & anti-stress therapeutic properties*. They must be selected, extracted and blended with the highest level of expertise and skill.

*In vitro and in vivo studies


Nature is very selective; only a small amount of plants are able to synthestise Essential Oils. This is why we are passionate about Essential Oils and why all of Decléor’s teams and experts have spent so much time studying them one by one. It takes time and energy to discover these plants and understand how each Essential Oils works within them.


Like precious stones, Essential Oils go through different processes and need a lot of work to transform them into the skincare that they are. Decléor is committed to selecting only the finest Essential Oils.


Each drop of Essential Oil contains about 150 active molecules. These powerful and active molecules make this ingredient an exceptional resource for active skincare. Our expert team of Aromatherapists, Olfactotherapists, Toxicologists and Formulation Engineers professionally blend them which contributes to Decléor’s Essential Oils having great skin benefits.


For more than 40 years, Decléor has carefully selected and blended its Essential Oils, developing a unique expertise of their combined skin benefits. In 2019, we classified Essential Oils in families of therapeutic activities, hence sharing our exclusive knowledge in Aromatherapy.


High-quality Essential Oils can only be derived from healthy plants grown in an optimal natural environment, with the ideal climate conditions, soil composition, and moisture levels to help them flourish. Their quality and properties are correlated with the environment they grow in: soil and weather conditions influence their composition and it is not possible to recreate them in a laboratory.

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