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Science and Nature

By carefully studying and documenting the use of thousands of Essential Oils, DECLÉOR now boasts the most comprehensive and ecologically sound range of aromatherapy and phytotherapy (plant based) beauty products.

Aside from their ability to discover and catalogue new and unusual botanical/ plant and flower ingredients, DECLÉOR’s team of scientists spend many times trying different combinations and quantities of oils to find the most potent cocktail of ingredients to remedy countless skin conditions and effects. With quality a fundamental part of all DECLÉOR does, nothing is synthetic and nothing is tested on animals either.

In order to ensure that each and every product – from an Aromessence™ to a foot cream – is totally safe and extremely effective, every new product is scientifically and medically assessed to ensure optimum tolerance with your skin. A team of beauty specialists then thoroughly tests each texture, each fragrance, each application, to double check the product is absolutely perfect for its purpose.

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