Your new anti-ageing skincare routine

anti ageing skincare

After months and months of Zoom and video calls, many of us are more aware than ever of our fine lines and wrinkles. If that’s had you reaching for creams and serums to help slow down signs of skin ageing, we’ve got some recommendations for you.

What causes your skin to age?

You may have heard of collagen and hyaluronic acid as important skincare ingredients, but do you know why they’re important to your skincare routine? Both occur naturally in our bodies and have multiple benefits including preventing fine lines and wrinkles from forming and keeping your skin looking young, healthy and hydrated. As we age though, the amount of hyaluronic acid and collagen our bodies produce decreases and can be depleted by sun exposure. Although we love the sun, our skin doesn’t, and it needs to be constantly protected from UV exposure and photodamage too.

The best products to prevent skin ageing

While it may come at the end of your anti-ageing skincare routine, your SPF is the most important step to prevent skin ageing. Although fine lines and wrinkles are a fact of life and ageing, UV rays can damage your skin’s DNA and cause them to form faster. It can also speed up how quickly our body loses collagen – an essential protein and building block of our skin and hair – which can cause skin to sag and lose its youthful plumpness. So, prevention really is better than the cure when it comes to skin-ageing and UV exposure. Decléor’s Aloe Vera Sun Face Cream 50+ offers our highest level of sun protection from its harmful effects. It’s also enriched with aloe vera, sesame and macadamia oils and helps keep your skin nourished and hydrated.

Replenishing your skin’s depleting sources of moisture can also help to strengthen your skin’s barrier . Decléor Antidote Serum combines natural-origin hyaluronic acid with peppermint, sandalwood and patchouli essential oils in a formula to leave skin feeling moisturised, supple and healthy.

As your eyes are often the first to show signs of ageing, adding an anti-ageing cream designed specifically for the delicate eye area to your daily routine in the morning and evening can help to refresh tired eyes and reduce the appearance of fine lines and crow’s feet. Peony Anti-Ageing Eye Cream Absolute is formulated with peony lychee, rhodiola and cafeina extracts andleaves the eye contour looking plumped with an illuminous glow.

While night-time is probably the time that you rest, your skin isn’t so lucky. While you sleep it doesn’t need to focus on protecting you from the sun and other environmental aggressors like it does during the day, so it can instead work on repairing, regenerating and rehydrating. As it’s at its more permeable at night, it’s also at its most receptive to nourishing ingredients and targeted treatments that can help with the renewal process. White Magnolia Anti-Ageing Night Balm melts into your skin to give it a powerful dose of its formula enriched with essential and botanical oils to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, leave skin looking plumped and firmer and improve its tone and density.

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