What is squalane and what are its benefits?

what is squalene?

What’s squalane and why should I use it?

There’s a reason squalene was one of the most searched for skincare ingredients of 2020, its moisturising properties are well worth looking up. So, what it is and where can you get more?

What is squalene?

Like hyaluronic acid, it can be found naturally in your bodies – in skin-surface lipids, which protect and moisture the skin. And like hyaluronic acid, the amount your body produces declines with age, slowing down in your 20s or 30s.

Fortunately, squalane (created by hydrogenating squalene to make it more stable and usable in skincare) is a great emollient that works to moisturise your skin and compensate for your body’s naturally depleting levels.

The squalene benefits for your skin

A nourishing multitasker, squalane easily absorbs into the skin to hydrate and plump it with moisturise. It also strengthens your skin barrier function to help protect it against environmental aggressors. What’s a great multitasker without some anti-ageing benefits too? Squalane not only gives you a boost of radiance but can also reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. As squalene naturally occurs in our bodies, squalane is also gentle enough to benefit all skin types.

Where can I get my dose of squalane from?

Our anti-ageing Lavender Fine Lifting Light Day Cream enriched with the powerful Essential Oils of Lavender and Iris with natural-origin Squalane for skin and Hyaluronic Acid. Designed with ageing skin in mind, its fast-absorbing formula immediately plumps the skin with moisture while also working to leave skin that can be prone to sagging looking lifted, firmer and fine lines appear reduced – 73% of women felt their skin was firmer *. As we age, cell renewal and collagen production also slow down affecting our skin’s natural defences and radiance. This nourishing day cream helps to give you your glow back and skin appear smoother.

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*Self-assessment test on 52 women.