The best ways to target blemish-prone skin

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Blemishes are something we’d have loved to have left in our teenage years, alongside poor music choices and overplucked eyebrows. For many of us though, our overactive sebaceous glands and unwanted blemishes have joined us in adulthood. Fortunately, we’ve got better access to more advanced skincare now.

Your anti-blemish solutions and skincare routine

Cleanse: It’s important to remember that a cleanser doesn’t have to be too harsh or used too often to clean blemish-prone skin. A gentle formula used in the morning and evening can be enough to remove impurities, dirt and oil, without stripping the surface of moisture and essential oils.

Decléor’s Anti-Blemish Rosemary Black Clay Cleansing Gel combines rosemary essential oil with salicylic acid and black clay to deeply cleanse your skin. Its gel texture also transforms into a soft foam when mixed with water to remove impurities and leave skin feeling purified and mattified, helping to reduce the appearance of blemishes and open pores.

Tone: As well as catching any leftover makeup or dirt that your cleanser may have missed, incorporating a gentle toner into your blemish-prone skincare routine can rebalance oily skin and help to unclog pores and minimise their appearance.

Rosemary Active Essence is enriched with a blend of essential oils and salicylic acid to purify pores and mattify skin all day long.

Moisturise: Finding that sweet spot between leaving your skin looking hydrated or leaving it looking oily can be tricky when choosing the best products for blemish-prone skin. Rich, heavy moisturising creams can clog pores and create breakouts, but a dehydrated and comprised skin barrier can cause problems in itself.

Rosemary White Clay Daily Care Moisturiser has been tested under extreme sauna conditions to keep your skin mattified during the day even in hot and humid weather. Its lightweight formula, enriched with salicylic acid and white clay, instantly soothes and hydrates skin, helps to reduce excess sebum and shine and the appearance of blackheads and blemishes.

For a nourishing overnight balm, warm Rosemary Night Balm in your hands before applying to a cleansed face and neck. While you sleep, its formula enriched with a blend of essential oils, including rosemary , works to rebalance blemish-prone skin, reducing excess oil and tightening pores.

Reset: For a targeted treatment or to soothe skin, applying an anti-blemish cream mask once or twice a week can work wonders.

Decléor’s Rosemary Black Clay Mask helps skin to feel instantly detoxified and mattified and reduces the appearance of blackheads, blemishes and visible pores without drying out your skin.

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