Stressed skin: How to relieve a stressed complexion


Destressing skincare

We’ve had lots to be stressed about lately, so it’s never been more important to take care of our bodies, minds and skin. Are you ready to join us for some much-needed self-care?

How your skin is affected by stress

If you have an existing skin concern, stress can aggravate it. As stress can encourage blemishes, dryness and skin that looks fatigued. Stress can also make you want to scratch that itchy skin you know you shouldn’t. When we produce the stress hormone, also known as cortisol, it can trigger our bodies to produce more sebum, which can clog pores, lead to blemishes and stressed skin too.

How to relieve stress

Regular exercise in any form is a great stress reliever. Moving more helps to produce feel-good endorphins. Yoga and meditation, in particular, have been linked to enhancing our moods and encouraging an overall sense of wellbeing.

Stress and sleep are also closely linked. Getting a good night’s sleep of around 7-9 hours can help you feel more able to tackle the day ahead.

A regular skincare routine can also help to relax your mind and skin. We recommend warming three drops of our Neroli Bigarade Aromessence Hydrating Serum into your hands and breathing in its essential oils – It contains six including Neroli, Juniper Berry and Sandalwood – for a moment of calm and to de-stress every day. Apply the serum by gently tapping over your face and neck to give your skin a boost of hydration and radiance before following with your moisturiser. Face masks are great self-care treats too. The 10-minute Eucalyptus Cica-Botanic Face Mask is a hydrating formula packed with key ingredients including Glycerin. Skin feels instant nourishment and delicate skin feels soothed.

To switch off completely, why not let someone do it for you? We offer a range of relaxing results-driven treatments for the face and body. Find the perfect one for you in a salon near you!