Hydra Floral Anti Pollution

Your beauty’s biggest enemy? It’s not what you think

We all know about the dangers of sun exposure, but when it comes to aggravating signs of premature ageing, redness, irritation and dullness, your skin’s enemy #1 is not beaming down from the heavens - it’s in the air, on the ground, everywhere. Pollution lives on every level: in addition to primary pollution – the invisible byproduct of combustion – there’s secondary pollution. That’s the one you can see. Also called “ozone pollution”, it multiplies like mad when primary pollutants react with light. The most common example: smog.

Sun + Pollution = An Explosive Cocktail for the Skin

Smog: what you see is airborne microparticles. But its effect on skin over time is what’s really scary. Pollution sparks a chain reaction at the skin’s surface, increasing sebum production, which in turn speeds oxidation, which weakens the skin’s natural barriers. What your mirror shows: diminished hydration, increased sensitivity, compromised pores and inflammation. Over time, that leads to unwanted pigmentation and other signs of premature aging.


The good news? Grime will never win. There are superheroes ready to come to the rescue. Where do they come from? Nature.

Hydra Floral: the everyday anti-pollution hero

This spring, Decléor is welcoming a powerful new anti-pollution trio into the Hydra Floral family. Formulated to support the skin 24/7 and protect it from pollution on every level, the high-performance yet lightweight hybrid Hydra Floral Hydrating Gel Cream, SPF30 Anti-Pollution Hydrating Fluid and Hydrating Active Lotion offer an essential oil-based hero for every potential skin care need.

Petal-light formulas that pack a punch

To safeguard skin from pollution’s adverse effects, Hydra Skin’s petal-light formulas combine SPF protection with powerful natural ingredients like the extract from the tropical Asian Moringa oleifera tree, which acts like a natural water filter to lock in moisture and prevent airborne toxins from irritating the skin. To back it up, Neroli Aromessence, the stress-busting essential oil with astringent properties, preserves the skin’s delicate eco-system, promoting radiance and imparting a feeling of calm.

Now, you’re ready to face whatever the world throws at you - beautifully.