How to care for dehydrated skin

caring for dehydrated skin

Thanks to the weather and our lifestyles, dehydrated skin is one of the most common skin conditions. How do you know if you have it though, and better yet, what's the best dehydrated skincare to use if you do?

How do I know if my skin is dehydrated?

  • Dull skin
  • Open pores (they open to try and draw extra moisture in)
  • Fine lines
  • Your makeup doesn't last. If your foundation disappears through the day, your thirsty skin could be absorbing it.

What causes dehydrated skin?

When we think of dehydration in general and when it comes to our skin, how much water we drink is usually the first thing we consider. Although this is a good place to start, there are so many other factors that play a part.

From how much caffeine and alcohol you drink to the air conditioning or heating in our homes, lifestyle can contribute greatly. Bad skincare and sleeping habits, pollution and smoking can all cause dehydration too.

There is only so much you can put on externally to overcome what's happening internally.

What's the difference between dehydrated and dry skin?

Dehydrated skin = lack of water
Dry skin = lack of oil + water

Dehydration is a skin condition rather than a skin type, so it can affect all skin types including oily, but it can also be corrected. Dry skin tends to have all the visible signs of dehydration and can feel tight, uncomfortable and rough to the touch. As dry skin lacks the natural oils that help to protect it, it can also feel sensitive and inflamed and you may notice you suffer from flaky and red patches.

Our best products for dry skin and dehydration

To clean your skin without stripping it of its natural oils and essential moisture, choose gentle skincare for dry skin. When mixed with water, Neroli Bigarade Hydrating Cleansing Mousseforms a mousse that deeply cleanses and helps the skin to appear softer while restoring your natural radiance.

Exfoliate your skin once a week. It will look instantly brighter and glowing as all the dead skin cells are sloughed away. This helps to increase the efficacy of the products you use as they are going on to new, fresh skin cells.

Thanks to their potent formulas, serums are great additions to dehydrated and dry skin routines. Look for products that contain Hyaluronic Acid like Decléor's Antidote. This is something found naturally in our skin - which locks in moisture for a smoother, plumper appearance - but depletes with age.

Neroli Bigarade Aromessence Hydrating Serum Formulated with pure essential oils for dry skin to give you a boost of hydration and radiance too. Follow with a hydrating daily moisturiser like Neroli Bigarade Light Day Cream to lock in moisture.

Pollution and UV rays can damage the skin causing it to feel dry and dehydrated and making it appear dull, so always finish with a layer of protective SPF.

As our skin works its hardest overnight to renew and repair, finish your day and dehydrated skincare routine with a nourishing night balm. Neroli Bigarade Night Balm calms your skin and plumps it with moisture when it is at its most receptive to help maintain its balance and radiance.

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