Why you should use a facial peel

Green Mandarin Facial Peel

Why Facial Peels are great Exfoliators for your skin…

There are many different methods of exfoliation, so when it comes to a Chemical Peel we like to keep it as easy as possible for you.

This is why we purposefully only have few facial exfoliators — which suit all skin types and are strategically constructed to fit into your skincare regime on a weekly or nightly basis. Our Decléor Exfoliators are professionally formulated and empowered with masterly blends of our pharmaceutical quality Essential Oils, leaving you less worried about which exfoliator to choose, and more focused on the great results our clinical tests show.

One of them is our star of clinical tests - our Green Mandarin Overnight Bi-Phase Facial Peel.


Nature is very selective; only a small amount of plants are able to synthestise Essential Oils. This is why we are passionate about Essential Oils and why all of Decléor’s teams and experts have spent so much time studying them one by one. It takes time and energy to discover those plants and understand how each Essential Oils works within them.

Treat your skin while you sleep

We’ve all dreamed about being able to sleep and tick things off our to do list at the same time, but we unfortunately don’t have that luxury to hand. Or do we…? A Chemical Peel is highly beneficial as it exfoliates your skin while you sleep and infuses your skin with nutrients.

The Decléor Green Mandarin Overnight Bi-Phase Facial Peel is powered by our Green Mandarin Essential Oil and professionally blended with the Essential Oils of Sweet Orange, Lemon and Grapefruit along with Glycolic Acid and Natural Fruit Acids to resurface your skin. Your skin is exfoliated while you sleep and means you can wake up with a healthy glow.

The Green Mandarin Overnight Bi-Phase Facial Peel is rather unique as it should be applied before you go to sleep and left on for the whole night. Its comforting texture might feel like a Night Oil, but while you sleep it is actually gently exfoliating your skin while the Bi-Phase plant oils composition helps your skin to recover its barrier function. It’s gentle enough to use every night for 28 days.

The Essential Oils from citrus that are concentrated in the peels helps the fruit protect itself from external aggressions which is why we select a blend of citrus Essential Oils.

100% saw a healthy glow, 100% noticed smoother looking skin and 100% felt skin looked revitalised*

Our passion lies in formulating the most natural skincare routines, with a green touch on everything from packaging to manufacturing — we are truly proud of the clinical test results for the Overnight Bi-Phase Facial Peel*:

  • 100% of women found it to provide their skin with a healthy glow.
  • 100% of women found it made their skin look smoother.
  • 100% of woman found it made their skin look revitalised.
*Self-assessment test on 53 women after 28 days of use.

And the reason for these amazing results and feedback on the Green Mandarin Overnight Bi-Phase Facial Peel truly lies in its ingredients and professional blend.

  • Essential Oils of Green Mandarin, Sweet Orange & Lemon are blended together with Apricot & Marula Botanical Oils
  • With 3.5% Glycolic Acid & Fruit Acids from Blueberries, Sweet Orange and Sugar Cane blending together to improve your complexion by removing dead skin cells that cause dull skin, to make your skin will feel refined and smooth

How to use this Chemical Peel

  1. Shake tube well.
  2. Take one pipette of the formula.
  3. Apply on to the skin using your hands in sweeping motions.
  4. Use every evening for 28 days and follow with Decléor Green Mandarin Night Balm.

To fully experience Decléor, book a treatment appointment at your nearest institute or spa.