Grapefruit Essential Oil

About the plant

Common Names Pomelo, Shaddock, Chinese grapefruit/Grapefruit
Latin Name Citrus maxima / Citrus ×paradisi
Botanical Family Rutaceae
Plant Detail Even though both are called “Pamplemousse” in French, it can be confusing that the word Pomelo is used for Citrus ×paradisi in French, and Citrus maxima in English. The flesh of the Pomelo (Citrus maxima) can also be red but it’s not juicy, with a thick green/yellow peel and a pear-shape fruit whereas the Grapefruit (Citrus ×paradisi), traditionally used to make juices, is a rounded shape hybrid fruit (Citrus maxima × Citrus sinensis) with a thin orange peel

About the Grapefruit Essential Oil

Essential Oil Name Pomelo essential oil / Grapefruit essential oil
Origin Argentina, Italy, USA / Israel
Part Used Zest
Scent Fresh, tart, uplifting
Extraction Method Cold expressipn
Production Between 1,6 and 2 ML of grapefruit essential oil with 1 KG of grapefruit*

*Franchomme, P. La science des huiles essentielles médicinales. (Guy Trédaniel, 2015).

Our expert Docteur Françoise Couic Marinier tells you all about essential oils.

As a relative newcomer to the citrus family, Grapefruit Essential Oil has taken the medicinal and cosmetic worlds by storm.

Here’s all you need to know about Grapefruit Oil’s incredible benefits in aromatherapy and how this modern essential oil can transform your skin.

Where does Grapefruit Essential Oil come from?

Originating in Asia, grapefruit was not recognised as a distinct species until 1800, just before it was brought to Florida in 1823. Today, the United States remains the largest supplier of grapefruit.

Grapefruit Essential Oil is relatively new in comparison to a lot of other Essential Oils but has quickly been adopted as a healing powerhouse in both medicinal and cosmetic capacities.

History of Grapefruit Essential Oil

  • The forbidden fruit: The grapefruit has been described as ‘the forbidden fruit’, as it was believed to be linked to the original tree of good and evil in the Garden of Eden.
  • An accidental hybrid: The grapefruit is believed by botanists to be a happy mistake, originating from the combination of the pomelo (citrus grandis) and the sweet orange (citrus sinesis).
  • Early medicine: although a relative newcomer to the scene, Grapefruit Essential Oil was quickly used for its healing benefits. In fact, it was first discovered to be an excellent antiseptic wash for sore throats and skin blemishes.

Facts about Grapefruit Essential Oil

  • A tricky process: Extracting the Essential Oil from grapefruit is tricky, as the oil glands are located much deeper in the peel than other citrus fruits. The extraction process is lengthy and intricate, which makes Grapefruit Oil scarce and comparatively expensive.
  • An uplifting oil: The primary chemical compound found in Grapefruit Essential Oil is d-limonene, which possesses strong, uplifting, aromatic properties.

With its myriad of benefits, Grapefruit Essential Oil is a highly rewarding modern oil to incorporate in your daily rituals.