Decléor Education & Training Consultants Q&A

Kellie Langley and Jenny Scragg, Decléor Education and Training Consultants in England, have been working for the brand for 4 and 6 years respectively. In this Q and A blog they talk about beauty and bliss in their everyday lives.

What do your clients like most in a Decléor treatment?

Kellie: I think they love the introduction, when we perform Decléor’s diagnostic back massage and that’s at the start of every facial. It allows us to find out in depth about the client’s lifestyle, her body and how it all affects her skin. So we’re not just taking care of skin, we’re actually approaching the body as a whole. I think there are a lot of nice touches included in the treatments like using a hot water bottle all the time and obviously the amazing products we work with!

Jenny: We use three different massage techniques: pressure, drainage and aroma-massages. It’s quite nice to have a lot of massages during the facials.

Kellie: It’s definitely very therapeutic and relaxing and the transformation is visible at the end of the treatment, the skin is really revitalized.

What are the most rewarding moments in your job?

Kellie: Communicating what we know to other therapists, so they will adore the products just as much as we do! By the end of a week of training all of the students always want to purchase everything and they always say “oh I can’t wait to go back to the salon and treat my clients.” And then when they come back we love hearing about how much the clients appreciated the treatments and all of the products they bought. It’s quite rewarding to know that they love the brand as much as we do!

How did you choose your job?

Kellie: It’s something I always wanted to do. I studied to become a beauty therapist and I always wanted to work for Decléor.

Jenny: I worked with Decléor products in a spa for 12 years before joining the company. I love the products. You’ve got to love the brand if you want relay your enthusiasm to the students.

What is femininity to you?

Kellie: I guess it’s taking care of yourself and feeling beautiful even without make-up on (laughs).

March 8th is International Women’s Day. What does it inspire for you?

Jenny: Obviously as a woman, and being part of a brand that mostly attends to women, I suppose it could be seen as a special day for looking after ourselves, having a bit of “me” time for a treatment.

Kellie: I’m also a mum, and I’m thinking about how we could pamper other mothers and make them feel very special on that day.

What is beauty to you?

Kellie: As they say “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and that’s for everyone I think.

Jenny: I would say it shines through from the inside. If you’re relaxed and happy it shows. Beauty is inside out.