How to brighten Dull & Tired skin

Dull & Tired Skin

Why do I have Dull Skin?

Fatigue is something that can affect us all due to our super busy and hectic lifestyles. When you are feeling tired these signs can show on the skin, like decreases in hydration and collagen levels causing the skin to look dull, grey and with dark shadows appearing. Open pores may also appear more visible. You may see in the morning the skin looks fresh and bright, but as each hour passes through the day your skin can look more fatigued, lined and aged making you feel your skin looks “older”.

Many lifestyle issues can influence this like lack of sleep. If you go to bed with a huge to-do-list or have children waking you up in the night this can resort in the skin having that dull appearance. Smoking, central heating, air conditioning, poor diet, poor skincare can all cause dull and devitalised looking skin. Stress, which can cause inflammation and redness can equally contribute. This why this skin condition can affect any skin type and any age.

Pollution and other environmental aggressions can also be contributors. As the skin is attacked it can cause oxidation or “skin rust” particularly when we see high levels of pollution on a sunny day. Oxidation is responsible for a huge proportion of premature ageing, it is like an apple cut in half and exposed to the elements, within minutes it will go brown, and this can happen to the skin.

How can I treat Dull Skin?

It is super difficult to avoid this dull complexion due to all the contributing factors that cause it. So short of wrapping yourself up in a ball of cotton wool and going into hibernation, you will probably at some point see your skin appearing dull.

  • Exfoliate. Exfoliate. Exfoliate.
    Our first top tip would be to exfoliate the skin regularly. Try “Spa Sunday” so you don’t forget. Exfoliate first to rid the skin of dry, dead cells then put a mask on for 10 minutes. Your skin will look and feel transformed! ‘Did you know by exfoliating the skin weekly, this will boost the effectiveness of your other skincare’ – Laura Miles, Decléor Skin Expert. Read more here...
  • Stay Hydrated
    Drink plenty of water. Aim for 2+ litres a day as hydration is the key to a healthy, happy skin. It will make it look brighter and clearer, you will feel the benefits in yourself too.
  • Protect with Anti-Oxidants
    Look for products which contain Anti-Oxidant protection. This will help to protect the skin from aggressors which accelerate the ageing process and attack the collagen and elastin in the skin, eventually causing sagging.
  • Keep your skincare up to date
    Aim to change your skincare routine seasonally as it is easy to get stuck in a rut applying the same skincare all year round. Using some new products will wake the skin up and you will begin to see results from your skincare choices. Don’t worry as you can still use the old products up later!
  • Treat yourself to treatments
    Go for a facial every 4-6 weeks if you can. A facial massage is one of the best ways to bring a glow to the skin as it stimulates the skin’s circulation, bringing nutrients to the surface. If you can’t go for a treatment, try and massage your own skin at home. Do upward, outward and lifting strokes which will bring some colour to the skin and relax the facial features.

Although there are many internal and external factors contributing towards Dull and Tired Skin you can still combat that skin appearance and achieve the glowing skin results you desire. Our top tips come from our team of therapists to make sure you’re equipped with the knowledge to give your skin the professional, spa experience every day at home.