Decléor Double Cleansing Tips

Double cleansing, a two-step ritual for a perfect skin.
What is double cleansing?

Cleansing twice is essential for cleansing the skin and removing all impurities. Using a mix of water and oil will make your cleanser more efficient. That is why oil-based cleansers are used to remove oil-based impurities: sebum, sunscreen and makeup. Whilst water-based cleansers gets rid of water-based impurities: sweat, old skin cells, bacteria and dust. Thanks to double cleansing, you’re only a few cotton pads away from clean and beautiful skin!

Which cleanser is right for you?

It is no secret that cleansing is the most essential step of a beauty routine – especially before going to bed. By addressing and removing every type of impurity, double cleansing leaves the face glowing and you can maintain beautiful skin, day after day.

For every skin type, from oily to extremely dry or sensitive, double cleansing is essential to include in your beauty routine. Find the cleanser that suits you best and try different water-based cleansers to test various textures: do you prefer a milk lotion, a creamy foam, a fresh gel, a micellar water or a micellar oil? You will find your perfect cleanser in our Aroma Cleanse range.

This two-step ritual also prepares your skin to boost the efficacy of the other products in your skincare routine. Apply your night balm, your favourite serum or any products you love from your skincare routine after double cleansing, to boost its benefits: you’ll see the difference almost instantaneously!

Nichola Joss, Decleor Skincare Expert says:

‘Cleansing is the most important part of your routine. Removing make up, grime, and pollution and deeper cleansing the skin to help remove toxins and congestion. Cleansing also encourages you to massage your skin which is also good for lymph drainage, de-stressing muscle tissue and building circulation of blood which is rich in nutrients and oxygen for feeding skin cells. I adore the new Bi-Phase Cleanser. It has the gentlest of textures which smooths onto the skin, easily absorbing and cleansing away make up and pollution but also encouraging a massage to deeper cleanse with the Bi-Phase Cleanser. It’s fantastic to use in the morning for a refreshing cleanse and then also in the evening as a double cleanse to remove the days make up and pollution. It leaves the skin beautifully soft and hydrated.

Morning cleanse is about removing any puffiness and dead skin cells. Lightly and gently apply the cleanser to a pad and sweep across face to awaken and cleanse. For an evening deeper double cleanse you can apply onto palms of hands and massage into skin really deeply cleansing. Remove with a warm damp muslin cloth/face flannel’