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​How to get the bridal glow with Nichola Joss

​How to get the bridal glow with Nichola Joss
1 years ago

How to get the bridal glow by Celebrity Facialist and Decléor Skincare Expert, Nichola Joss

My golden skincare rules for brides

1. As the date moves closer, add essential lifting and toning facials into your routine. Decléor Yoga Lift Facial is a great treatment to see an immediate visable difference.

2. Teach yourself quick and effective facial massage techniques and practice them daily to naturally enhance your contours and give your skin a glow.

3. It is essential to take supplements for your skin. A probiotic for the body and gut health will help improve overall skin function too.

4. In your final few weeks stay away from acid peels, retinoids or aggressive facials. You should concentrate on massage with oils and balms to feed and nourish the skin and improve tone, texture and volume as well as adding radiance and luminosity.

5. On your wedding day, make sure you take time to treat your skin with facial massage. It will de-stress muscles removing tension and toxins. Your skin will look refreshed, toned and lifted.

The Bridal Kit

Decléor Aromessence Neroli Amara Oil Serum - Welcome the bridal glow with just 3-drops of this 100% natural Oil Serum. Achieve bright, radiant skin when used every morning alongside facial massage.

Decléor Prolagene Lift 1 Minute Mask - For the morning of the big day to lift and firm your natural contours, smooth your complexion and give you a flawless base for makeup application.

Decléor Neroli Amara Night Balm - This plumping balm gives an all over radiance boost and evens the texture of the skin for a more flawless finish ahead of your wedding. Massage into the face before bed.

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