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Vetiver Essential Oil

About the plant

Common Names Vetiver
Latin Name Chrysopogon zizanioides
Botanical Family Poaceae

About the Vetiver Essential Oil

Essential Oil Name Vetiver essential oil
Origin Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Haiti
Part Used Roots
Scent Musty, dry, woody
Extraction Method Steam distillation
Production 4 ML of vetiver essential oil with 1 KG of plant*

* Franchomme, P.La science des huiles essentielles médicinales. (Guy Trédaniel, 2015).

Our expert Docteur Françoise Couic Marinier tells you all about essential oils.

Having been used in traditional medicine across Southeast Asia and West Africa for thousands of years, Vetiver Essential Oil has a myriad of wonderful benefits.

Whether it’s for your mind, health or skin, here’s what you need to know about the sacred Vetiver Oil.

What is Vetiver Essential Oil used for?

  • Purify: Our daily lives can take its toll on our skin. Whether it’s pollutants, toxins or other impurities, pores can become clogged, triggering breakouts, blemishes, pigmentation or other concerns.

However, Vetiver Essential Oil has powerful antibacterial compounds which make it the perfect element to deeply cleanse and purify your epidermis, fighting against these external aggressions.

If acne is your primary concern, look to other targeted Essential Oils such as Tea Tree Oil and Lavender Oil.

Where does Vetiver Essential Oil come from?

Cultivated in tropical regions such as India, Tahiti, Java and Haiti, Vetiver Essential Oil originates from tall, tufted, perennial, scented grass.

Through a process of steam distillation, Vetiver Oil derives from the plants’ roots that have been washed, sun-dried, cut, chopped and soaked in water.

History of Vetiver Essential Oil

  • Ayurvedic origins: Centuries ago in Ayurvedic practices, Vetiver Essential Oil was hailed for its spiritually-inspiring aroma and its remedial qualities. It was used to address hormonal imbalances, arthritis and other joint pain, muscular aches, headaches, fever, loss of energy and skin problems.
  • A cooling plant: In tropical countries, Vetiver roots were used as an early form of air conditioning. They were soaked and then hung above doors so that when hot air passed through them, the Vetiver curtains would make the air cooler.
  • Ancient Chinese medicine: Used for hundreds of years by Chinese healers, Vetiver Oil was believed to balance emotion, ease negative feelings and focus and re-energize the body.

Facts about Vetiver Essential Oil

  • The secret ingredient: Vetiver Essential Oil is highly esteemed in modern perfumery and is one of the few oils that improves with age. In fact, it’s even used as an ingredient in the infamous Chanel No. 5.
  • A confusing oil: Vetiver Oil is highly complex and enigmatic. Upon analysing the oil, it’s likely that around 20% of components will remain unidentified because it contains so many rare constituents.
  • “The Oil of Tranquillity”: Vetiver Essential Oil has gained this nickname thanks to its grounding, sensuous and deeply calming scent.

Reap the wholesome rewards of Vetiver Essential Oil in your daily rituals and transform your health, mind and skin.

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