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What are essential oils?

Distilled from the very heart of flowers, leaves, fruit, bark, seeds or roots, essential oils are powerful concentrates of active plant ingredients that act to balance, nourish, repair and beautify the skin.

The fine and delicate nature of essential oils gives them a true affinity with the skin whilst the olfactory power induces a unique sensation of well-being.

What is an AROMESSENCE™ serum?

The AROMESSENCE™ serums are powerful beauty-enhancing concentrates of active essential oils.

Each AROMESSENCE™ serum is a unique cocktail of masterfully blended essential oils (from 3 to 9, plus a plant oil base), chosen for their respective properties to treat and ensure optimal affinity with the skin.

Each AROMESSENCE™ serum is guaranteed to be:

  • 100% natural
  • 100% pure: free of mineral oils and synthetic fragrances
  • 100% preservative-free
  • 100% effective (optimised diffusion of the active ingredients)

Did you know?

No less then 1500 Damascena Rose petals go into the composition of a single 15ml bottle of AROMESSENCEROSE D’ORIENT.

 Combine duo of AROMESSENCENEROLI and HYDRA-FLORAL ANTI-POLLUTION CREAM for +53% hydration and +31% protection from environmental pollution.

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